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GRAV (formerly Grav Labs) engineers continue to raise the bar, and Helix’s signature tornado spiral never fails to make an awe-worthy impression on a glass pipe or bong. This Austin, Texas based talent has given us the Gravitron, Upline, Jane West, and STAX collections equating to the largest assortment and...

GRAV (formerly Grav Labs) engineers continue to raise the bar, and Helix’s signature tornado spiral never fails to make an awe-worthy impression on a glass pipe or bong. This Austin, Texas based talent has given us the Gravitron, Upline, Jane West, and STAX collections equating to the largest assortment and best bongs and pipes in the business. Helix’s signature tornado spiral never fails to make an awe-worthy impression. We're proud to offer the full assortment of these timeless pieces at the DopeBoo online headshop.

What’s the point?  Use it to eliminate wasted material. According to the designers, “Our lungs aren’t designed to absorb an entire hit of pure smoke, so the added air cuts down on waste.” This is why three air intake holes are strategically placed throughout the Venturi chamber shape.

How does the Helix work? Interesting question. The contours on this design are not just ergonomic. As with all GRAV creations: there’s a science-minded reason behind it. Hidden micro-holes send each inhale spiraling through the tornado silhouette, and offer a splash of fresh outside air.

What kind of pipes is it on?  Helix’s clean-lined upgrade can be spotted on hand pipes, vape attachments, water pipes, chillums, and build-your-own STAX adapters. Premium borosilicate glass complements every herbal sidekick, for every kind of budget.

Dry herb or concentrate? All handheld Helix pipes are suited for fresh dry herb. Water pipes include a 14mm taster bowl that might be swapped out for a nail. GRAV’s  FireButton E-Nail is available in this size as well.

Pros: Reduces the amount of wasted material. Minimalist design make it easy to keep clean with a hot-water rinse every once in a while. The Venturi chamber creates an impressive visual as goodness spirals through the pipe. Comes in all sizes and can be paired with all of our other favorite pipe features. Cool shape to display proudly.

Cons: Not particularly portable.

The Bestselling Helix Pipes Are:

Helix Upright Bubbler, $99.99. Sturdy, balanced design keeps this piece in arm’s reach. Scientific glass elevates the upright shape down to the comfortably angled mouthpiece. An easy-to-maneuver funnel slide rests atop a rich showerhead-diffused downstem. Just the right amount of water filtration cleanses each inhale in a perfect size for date night or self-care Sunday.

Helix Classic Pipe, $67.99. GRAV is world-renowned for their ability to engineer glass that’s so minimalist you would never suspect the amount of elevated science it puts to work. The unique shape rests casually in the palm of your hand as you watch the goodness flowing through. At 8-inches long, it’s great for keeping by your bedside or bathtub. It’s also available in a 6-inch Mini Classic.

Helix Nano Water Pipe, $159.99. Available in four variations, this one’s another Helix daily driver. The stout design rests sturdily on the coffee table or kitchen counter -- it’s also easy on the eyes to proudly display! A keck clip secures the removable, diffused downstem. Diffusion plus a Helix mouthpiece makes this piece pull like a dream.

Helix Basic Bubbler, $75.99. Crowd-pleasing in both design and delivery, it feels natural to keep this one around. Water filtration perfectly complements the Helix upgrade for smooth, easy rips. The bubbler shape is easy to keep clean compared to full-sized water pipes. Guests will certainly be impressed by the premium performance and eye-catching glass silhouette.

Helix Chillum, $19.99. This is the smallest of the Helix line. The same shape that makes these pipes so effective also prevents them from competing with an average chillum’s pocket-ready portability. However, this unique-shaped chillum delivers with a level of smoothness others could never live up to.

Helix Vape Pen Adapter Kit $39.99. An excellent little concentrate kit designed by Dave Daily from GRAV. The air cools and spins through the glass Helix mouthpiece for ultra-fresh vapor. Simply attach your cartridge to the adapter. You will need a properly sized vaporizer pen.

Helix Mouthpiece, $87.99: Pair with a Helix STAX base. Pop in a chiller. And savor the crisp, fresh flavor of a perfectly crafted water pipe. STAX meets Helix for an oh-so-satisfying experience. The 11-inch tube is easy to rinse for always-ready ease.

Helix 3-in-1 Multi Bubbler, $115.99. Three different heads can attach to the Venturi chamber as it suits your mood. Secure the head in place using the sturdy keck clip at the neck joint. Being able to disassemble means it’s easy to rinse and keep fresh as the day it arrived at your doorstep!

About GRAV:

This brand is best known for clean, minimalist glass. They’ve reached the status as one of America’s top glass brands because it doesn’t stop there: the Austin-based designers never fail to incorporate a scientific twist.

It began with one guy (CEO and Founder, David Daily) and the simple science of the Gravitron. Now, you can even Submit Your Own GRAV Design to see if it makes the cut! GRAV lines include  GravitronUpline Jane West, and STAX collections.

While their collaborations have gained a ton of notoriety -- such as Jane West’s Collection and Micah Evans’ Upline -- David Daily’s own designs continue to stand the test of time. Daily’s Helix has been a GRAV bestseller for over a decade now.

GRAV remains a leading bestseller when it comes to scientific glass. Each piece is engineered with precision in a laboratory-like approach.

Helix Accessories:

STAX Modules + Keck Clips, prices vary: If you’re using a Helix STAX mouthpiece or insert, you may need to pair it with a base and any other elements you want out of the build-your-own water pipe. A keck clip locks the pieces in place for a sturdy experience every time.

GRAV Replacement Bowl $14.99: Dry herb funnel slide for water pipes. Helix Nano and Helix Flare use a 14mm male joint.

GRAV Glass Jar $19.99: Borosilicate glass storage jar.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Helix by GRAV! The Helix family has been growing for a decade now, with newly imagined combinations every year. This collection isn’t going anywhere, so grab yourself this heirloom-worthy work of art.

Conversations tend to keep flowing over the awe-worthy smoke spirals. Even come self-care Sundays, you’ll find yourself impressed during your solo sesh. Proudly reach for the clean scientific design on your favorite pipe -- or vape! Which Helix works for you?

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