KandyPens is a brand easily recognized by smoking enthusiasts. Every single design is bold and reliable while screaming with style. Straight out of California, they are best known for their K-Vape and the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer, but those are just a small portion of their extensive variety of vaping pens and portable vaporizers. Sometimes erroneously spelled “Kandy Pens” or “Candy Pens”, the KandyPens model of easy yet efficient vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to smoke.

Choose Vaping

Looking for a healthier alternative to smoking or something a bit more discreet? You’re in the right spot. Vaping is favored by many thanks to their low-maintenance, subtle use and ability to enjoy the full, natural taste of their herbs, flowers, and blends without the harm and hassle. Try something like the award-winning KandyPens Gravity on for size. With each pull, you’ll enjoy the aromas and effects of your favorite products in a smooth, easy intake that gives your lungs a break.

The Reputation

If the stars use them, you know they’re good. KandyPens can be seen in some of the most popular music videos and are found in the hands of standout artists like A$AP Rocky and DJ Khaled. With beautiful shapes, unique colors and striking metallic accents, it’s not surprising how KandyPens found their road to stardom. Appearance aside, the brand is also known for their durable designs that don’t break the bank. Forbes, BuzzFeed, and Rolling Stone are only a few of the people boasting about these must-have vape pens and vaporizers that are always ranking at the top of the list.

Options for Everyone

Experts and beginners alike can find a vape that’s just right for them in the DopeBoo Vape Shop collection of KandyPens. The ICON KIT can be taken on-the-go and gives you everything needed for a complete vaping experience. If aromatic material is your go-to, check out products like the MIVA or K-VAPE Pen, and load your concentrates into the slim and functional KandyPens MINI, ELITE, ICE CREAM MAN, GALAXY, GRAVITY, DONUTS, K-STICK or WAXXY concentrate vaporizers. True to the name of a vape pen, their thin shape is ideal for discreet use and storage in between smokes.


Smoking should be easy and enjoyable. Shop vapes and dab pens from our KandyPens collection for an experience that is nothing but smooth. From the second you get your hands on these vapes, digital displays or lighting indicators let you know when you can start enjoying, temperature controls let you choose your intake, and deep chambers are waiting to be filled with your favorite products for a smoke that lasts and performance that delivers. Want to mobilize your dabs? KandyPens has got you covered. Check out the Prism-- well known for its top-notch performance and control it also duals as a dab pen.

Color Options

Take your vaping experience to the next level and grab a piece that speaks right to your personality. The white and black of the K Vape Pen can give you a classic look, but the polished metals in gold, rose gold, chrome, and gunmetal of the Galaxy Vape Pen are hard to ignore. With pretty much every color of the rainbow available, you can explore reds, pinks, blues, purples and more in soft pastels or vibrant metals to find a vape that has your name written all over it.

Add-On Accessories

Need a replacement KandyPens Galaxy Mouthpiece or just want to customize your piece a little? Make KandyPens your own by shopping the collection of smoking accessories available. Colored mouthpieces, crafted glass, varied coils, and replacement batteries can customize your piece and keep it running at its best, so you never have to question performance!

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KandyPens Reviews

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