Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor

Taking the vape world by storm, Linx Vapor is a brand that is sure to give you an experience that’s next-level, and our online vape shop will hook you up. Every single product encompasses all of the features that we love about vapes. We already know that they’re a bit healthier than traditional smoking. Taking out the harmful toxins, they give you the flavor that you’re looking for from your favorite legal dry herbs and concentrates, without the byproducts. Your lungs, taste buds and friends with thank you - because they’re going to want in on your vape sesh once they see your Linx Vapor vape from Dopeboo.

Linx Vapor isn’t only up to date on the latest and greatest tech features, but they also have created some of the best vaporizers and vaporizer parts on the market when it comes to style. Start with the Linx Vapor Gaia Vaporizer. Often seen in gleaming gold or a sleek black, the structure and finish of this piece screams luxury. If you’re going to get a new addition to your collection, get one that’s going to make a statement.

They’ve got you covered when it comes to cool vape pens, too. Vape pens are a favorite to vaping experts and newbies alike, thanks to their compact design. Bring your vape with you or put it away in between uses - the slim shape fits seamlessly in a pocket, bag drawer or bag. This is ideal for situations when you don’t want to take a large pipe out to load up and smoke. Simply load in your favorite herbs, pick what temperature you want to vape at, and enjoy your legal materials in next to no time. Discreet enough for on-the-go use and perfect to store without hassle, vape pens make up for their small figure with jaw-dropping features.

Linx Vapor has done the unthinkable and found a way to place perfection in your fingertips. Both their vaporizers and portable vapes are equipped with an impressive array of features. Ceramic heating chambers and ceramic plates are perfect for cutting out the wait, heating instantly and evenly, so you can enjoy your favorite herbs and concentrates right away. A pristine vapor pathway is also a well-known characteristic of the Linx Vapor products - there are no plastics, no fibers, and no paints. What does this mean for you? Clean, fresh intakes full of flavor. What more could you hope for?

Make your vape your own or amp up the experience with additional accessories. Vape accessories at Dopeboo range from complex atomizers and magnetic tools to simplistic caps and glass mouthpieces. Since you’re going to be using your Linx Vapor vape on repeat, you want to make sure it’s always charged up and ready to go. Keep your vape’s life going with replacement batteries and a variety of compatible chargers. USB chargers are massively convenient, allowing you to dock at the nearest outlet or bring it along in the car for charging on the go. Either way, Linx Vapor has you covered. If you opt for the Linx Gaia, make sure you check out the USB Charger (2-in-1 dual connection) for Linx Gaia for multipurpose use.

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