Monster Bong

Monster Bong

Ever since the beginning of mankind, monsters have haunted us. How about we take the charge this time and spook them out with our own monster bongs? Our arsenal is ready to throw monsters off with exclusive glow in the dark bongs.

This Halloween, take the charge in your hand, hold those pumpkin bongs, and create an ambiance with horror themed bongs to thrive in darkness.

What are you waiting for ? Rip through our Monster Bongs from dusk to dawn, and make your life punchy with our Cute Halloween Bongs.

When the clock strikes midnight, we shall rise. When the monsters creep on you in disguise, take a big pumpkin bong rip and make them run for their life.

This festive season, take Dopeboo’s Hocus Pocus and make your Halloween wickedly awesome.

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