For voluminous cloudy vapors that maximize the flavor of your favorite herb or wax concentrate, DopeBoo is ecstatic to spotlight PAX labs, Inc.  Founded by two Stanford Design Program Graduates, PAX Labs, Inc. has made it their mission to make traditional smoking obsolete. By offering high-end dry herb vaporizers and dual-use vapes that heat up quickly and efficiently to create luscious vapors, this San Francisco based company emphasizes quality over quantity when it comes to their selection of products. Our vape shop offers a spectrum of vaporizers from our discounted vapes and best vaporizers to our more intense concentrate vaporizers and portable vapes, Pax Labs, Inc. specializes in premium vaporizers that are well worth spending a little extra to have in your possession.

Their PAX 2 Vaporizer is showstopping. This dry herb vaporizer is equipped with a fully packed conduction powered chamber that produces remarkably pure vapors in less than one minute. The small oven chamber on one end of the vape can evenly heat freshly ground herb for up to 25 draws depending which one of the four temperature settings you’ve selected. Available in either black, red, silver, turquoise or blue, it comes with two silicone mouthpieces that feature lip sensing technology with a savvy algorithm that equates the intensity of your draw with an increase in temperature. With a flat mouthpiece that comes fitted on the device alongside a raised mouthpiece, a magnetic charging cradle, a USB cord, a cleaning kit with isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners, the PAX 2 Vaporizer comes fully accessorized. Its minimalistic design is sleek and simple to clean and even easier to use. Just plug the USB cord into your laptop or nearest outlet and place the vaporizer into the magnetic charging cradle. Then wait only 30-60 seconds for the four small white petals to stop flashing and change to a solid white light to indicate a full charge before you start inhaling. With a built-in rechargeable battery and a single button interface for all controls, this is one intelligently designed portable vaporizer.

The only product more bedazzling is their third generation PAX 3 Vaporizer. Although it looks similar in design to the stealthy PAX 2 Vaporizer with one button that controls the four temperature settings, it’s equipped with a larger battery that can produce a whopping 3500mAh. With separate canisters to heat both dry herb and extracts, this dual-use vape can heat up in just 15 seconds for speedy efficiency. Coated in a shiny polished finish, the PAX  3 Vaporizer is available in either black, gold, silver or rose gold and includes a small carrying case that protects it from damage when you’re on the go. It's new and improved raised mouthpiece is comfortable and sleek looking while the additional half pack lid that’s also included helps to conserve your stash of herb or concentrate when you want to enjoy shorter sessions. At3.87” tall and 1.2” wide, it can slip in and out your pocket easily as one of the best portable vaporizers around.

With PAX’s highly functional vaporizers, you can puff, puff, pass while hiking, skiing, snowboarding or even biking. Just don’t let the minimalistic design fool you because these technological works of art emphasize high performance from the inside-out!

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