The culture of vaping is steadily trending and for good reason! Every year, competing brands are conjuring up some of the most imaginative high tech vaporizers. From exceptional dry herb vapes and handy portable vapes and vape pens to tireless concentrate vaporizers, Dopeboo’s online vape shop showcases brands that deliver lush inhales with every puff.

Pinnacle’s two most notable vaporizers for sale are no exception. Strategically designed to preserve the authentic aroma of your most cherished legal dry-herb, these convection powered devices heat your flower perfectly for vapors that maximize the plant's medicinal benefits.

Originally released in the Spring of 2013, Dopeboo’s Pinnacle Vaporizer is affordable at over 30% off its original marking price. This battery operated dry-herb vaporizer is powered by a convection heater with two easy to use temperature settings of 370F and 390F. To use it, simply remove the cap cover, grab the bullet-sized small herb chamber that’s included, and loosely pack your freshly ground, legal dry-herb inside. For extraordinarily smooth and even vaporization, the device works best if you leave a considerate amount of space within the small chamber to further enhance your airflow. At just6 inches long and only one inch in diameter, the Pinnacle vape is pocket-friendly and crafted from high impact plastic with stable 50-minute battery life.

The only product more supercharged than the Pinnacle Vaporizer is the Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer that comes with three extra heat settings that are color-coded and range from 370 to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. With a high-quality lithium ion battery and two different kinds of cartridges that are easy to load in and out, it can serve as both a wax vaporizer as well as a dry-herb vaporizer for dynamic day to day use. Depending on your heat setting, the vape will take between 30 seconds to one minute to reach your desired temperature before the display light stops blinking and you’re ready to begin vaping succulent clouds. The Pinnacle Pro DXL Vaporizer is even fully equipped with a mini scientific 14mm glass water pipe that diffuses the right amount of filtration and drag-resistance to adequately cool your vapors for an even draw.

Overall, both of these Pinnacle vaporizers are sleekly designed and pretty incognito for traveling on the go. Despite their minimalistic design, these convective systems heat up quickly so you can enjoy aromatherapy of flavorful vapors almost instantly. Best of all, cleaning these Pinnacle vaporizers is as easy as cleaning the cartridges and the mouthpieces with brushes that are included in each box. If you’re looking for dynamic vaporizers that produce potent results, one of these Pinnacle vapes will be sure to impress.

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