Pipes Under $25

Pipes Under $25

Pipes under $25, can it be true?! Yes, yes it is. Here at DopeBoo we understand you don’t always want to break the bank for your next piece. So we’ve established a selection of pieces that will deliver a quality experience without the high price tag. Let's be clear that these are high quality and not "cheap pipes". Also great for gift-givers, you can shop a wide selection of pipes under $25 below!

Despite being our most affordable collection, these pipes do not sacrifice quality. The industry’s top craftsmen have so thoroughly mastered classic designs that we can now utilize them as everyday essentials. We have a number of traditional hand pipes, Sherlocks, bubblers, tasters, and stealth pipes made from a variety of materials to suit your needs.

Those who like the traditional smoking experience can find a sleek Classic Glass Spoon Pipe from highly-acclaimed and American-made Grav Labs. Those with an eye for the colorful may find DankStop’s Blue Granite Bubbled Hand Pipe more their style.

For a slightly more refined smoke sesh, we also have the Jane West Taster that ups the ante on the aesthetic in a reliable glass pipe.

In the pocket-sized range, we have a number of popular pipes that will fit in the palm of your hand. Most notably is the renowned Original Monkey Pipe accompanied by its sister piece, the intricate Oregon Trail Pipe. These pipes combine the rich aesthetic of grained hardwood with the durability of anodized aluminum--plus, the added practicality of a swivel-lid to secure packed loads in place between uses.

Our lowest-price pieces, perfect for a beginner, are the tasters. The Grav Labs 3-Inch Fumed Glass Taster is an excellent example of an affordable and reliable glass pipe for the cost of a mere eight dollars.

Many of our Chameleon Glass pieces offer eye-catching themes that make for a truly personalized experience. These themes range from Rasta for festival season to Mistletoe for the holidays.

Yet another advantage of the reasonably priced pipe is that it is easy to replace. We’ve all been left brokenhearted after passing to a butterfingered friend or dropping a pipe on a rock while out on an otherwise uplifting hike. This collection is designed to let you leave your most beloved pipes at home so you won’t have to spend as much mental energy as you might over the status of a high-end piece in a precarious situation.

You can browse our broad selection of worry-free pipes just below!

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