Looking for a vape pen you can enjoy almost anywhere? Puffco has been an industry leader in vaporizers since its founding in 2013. Specializing in elegant yet functional designs, this is the brand to choose for many smokers looking for the best vape pen on the market. These are concentrate vaporizers that are always pushing the envelope in an effort to provide the premier smoking experience for both connoisseurs and those new to using a portable vape. Vape pens have taken over as the tool of choice for many enthusiasts thanks to their portability and low profile, not to mention the full-flavor, byproduct-free hits they deliver.

As your online vape shop, DopeBoo is proud to bring you top of the line vape pens that give you an unparalleled experience. The Puffco vapes for sale on our site are some of the most highly sought-after pens on the market and we’re offering them to you at incredible prices. Puffco has been featured and lauded in High Times, Vice, Rolling Stone, The Vape Critic, and more and continues to be the choice brand for people looking to enjoy flavorful, smooth vapor

Puffco is renowned for its “Sesh Mode,” which lets you double tap the cloud on the front of the pen and enjoy 12 seconds of continuous vapor. In “Sesh Mode,” you can quickly pass the pen around to share with friends or simply enjoy the uninterrupted flow all to yourself. This combined with Puffco’s groundbreaking design and sleek appearance have made Puffco pens some of the best concentrate vaporizers on the market.

The Puffco Pro 2 is an affordable vape that features an extra large ceramic chamber, which allows you to pack it extra full to share with friends, perfect for Puffco’s signature “Sesh Mode.” The slim design of this pen makes it one of the top portable digital vaporizers around, perfect for people on the go who don’t want to be unable to bring along a world-class vape pen. Whether you’re walking to the store or out on a killer hike, the Puffco Pro 2 is perfect to take along on any adventure.

The Puffco Plus is known as the “First Ever Pocket Nail,” because its coil-free chamber mimics a ceramic nail. No coils and no glue means that there is nothing to interfere with the flavor of the vapor and you need not worry about inhaling noxious fumes. Meant for the true connoisseur, the Puffco Plus discreetly delivers a pleasurable experience to the inhaler. The Dart cap assures you that there are no clogs and the airflow continues unabated. This award-winning wax vaporizer is a must-have for smokers who want the best experience possible.

A quality vaporizer is a must for any enthusiast looking to get out and enjoy life with some friends while still being discreet and Puffco offers some of the best around. Take a look at the Puffco pens and accessories available at DopeBoo to find the perfect pen for you.

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