Bongs are a staple for many smoking experts, delivering a powerful intake with bigger clouds of smoke than your standard pipe. The experience as a whole is worth trying - great solo or when passing around in a group smoke sesh. There are tons of different types of bongs to choose from, but DopeBoo has done the hard part and collected all of the best bongs for you to check out. When you do check out the online head shop, pay special attention to Pulsar - a brand constantly putting out some amazing glass pieces.

When you scroll through the types of bongs and water pipes available in the Pulsar collection, you’ll see a lot of recyclers. These bongs are unique in that there are two chambers the air flows through, giving you double the filtration. This means you’ll get the burst of power that you’re looking for, with less of the harmful byproducts. The Pulsar Double Recycler Water Pipe is a good choice, giving you smooth, cool pulls with every breath. Not to mention, the designers used scientific glass to craft this piece and many others to make sure you’re getting amazing quality, alongside great taste and great aroma.

Pulsar is a brand that has blended the past with the present. They took the classic design of a straight tube bong, crafted it with world-class materials and loaded it with features that give you the biggest and best pulls. So, don’t let their old-school design fool you, straight tube bongs are popular for a reason (or many). With just one cylinder making the body of this piece, it’s extremely simple to use, but still super effective. Load up your favorite smoking materials, light up and enjoy. It’s really that straight-forward.

A lot of smoking fans gravitate towards the sleek, sturdy and innovative designs given by scientific bongs and beaker bongs. Their strong, sturdy bases make these pipes easy to use. Whether passing around with friends or smoking solo, the wide, weighted base anchors the base in place to help prevent any spills or drops. Thanks to the shape of these bongs, the water reservoir is pretty large. What does this mean for you? More water means more filtration and cooler pulls. Forget the stifling, hot feeling and enjoy the chill, soothing experience that these Pulsar bongs have to offer.

When you sift through the bongs for sale in our head shop, you’ll be able to admire a lot of different features, especially when it comes to Pulsar. Double percs, twin turbine percs, sprinkler percs, octopus percs, ice catchers, flared mouthpieces, arched necklines, and colored glass are just some of them. Take a peek at theStereo Matrix Worked Waterpipe. This beauty gleams with blue and green textured glass, which is enough in itself to draw you in. You can also explore Pulsar designs that aren’t just for dry herbs but double up with the ability to load up waxy materials as well. If you’re looking for something cool, something powerful, something affordable, something highly functional, or just a few big-ripping pieces, we’ve got you covered.

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