Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel

High quality and worldwide recognition are just two of the many reasons that Storz & Bickel products are a favorite of any vaping enthusiast. Creating the first medical herbal vaporizer, this brand has helped build the popularity of vapes and set the standard for quality design. None of their products will disappoint, giving you a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience with handheld, portable and desktop vaporizers. Providing nothing less than the best, DopeBoo Vape Shop brings you an impressive collection of Storz & Bickel products to choose from. Your biggest challenge -- choosing just one.

Benefits of Vaping

Vaping is often seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, going easier on your lungs, while still giving you the sensation of smoking. Innovative is an understatement for vaporizers, especially when it comes to Storz & Bickel. While heating your herbs just below the point of combustion, these devices will pull all those great aromas, tastes and effects of the herbs, without the rough intake of smoke. That way, you not only enjoy the true essence of your products but can be more discreet while taking it easy on your lungs.

Uncompromising Quality

A vape can be considered an investment. Once you find a device that you love, you want it to last. Storz & Bickel vapes are known for being both functional and reliable. Designed with highly sourced materials, durable craftsmanship, and advanced features, you’ll never be disappointed. There’s nothing better than a great-performing, long-lasting device, other than when combined with being low-maintenance. With dry herb vaporizers, cleaning is a cinch, so you don’t have to waste your time in between uses.

Innovative Designs

You may already recognize the name Storz & Bickel from their iconic VOLCANO. When the VOLCANO hit the market, it instantly revolutionized the vaping world. The sleek cone design is outfitted with an EASY VALVE balloon, giving you an experience that is smooth, safe, fulfilling and free of annoying odors and the need for constant maintenance. For true vaping fans, the PLENTY is a hard product to ignore. Fitted with an extra-wide filling chamber, you get an extra dose of vapor with each intake. Since many people prefer vaping to smoking because of the flavor, the PLENTY makes sure you get just that with each pull. And of course, there’s vaping on the go. Check out the MIGHTY and the CRAFTY forportable, handheld designs that are battery-powered for use wherever you are. Plug them in, fill them up and you’re ready to go. Their slim shapes can be tucked away in your pocket or bag without taking up space or drawing attention. Although small, these vaporizers are powerful -- very similar to the DaVinci Ascent. Check out the flippable mouthpieces that give you a high-yield return, lots of flavor and an experience completely free of hassle.

Options for Customization

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a vaporizer. Whether looking for a safer alternative to smoking, hoping to really maximize the flavor of your herbs or seeking something just a bit more discreet, vapes have you covered. Better yet, expand on your favorite features when you shop for vaporizers by choosing Storz & Bickel and their options for expansion. What better way to make a vape your own by adding on compatible accessories. Don’t waste any more time. Opt for a Storz & Bickel -- a vaporizer you can rely on.

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