Vapor Brothers

Vapor Brothers

If you’re looking for the dopest vape around, look no further. DopeBoo features the incredibly popular Vapor Brothers digital vaporizers that never fail to deliver powerful hits that are packed with flavor.

DopeBoo is proud to have only the best vapes for sale in our online vape shop, and the pieces made by Vapor Brothers are some of our best sellers. Concentrate vaporizers are highly sought after because they deliver consistent, big rips that still manage to be smooth. With these vaporizers, you don’t need to worry about a coughing fit like with old fashioned metal pipes that offered no cooling. They are just as well suited for slowly puffing on at home while relaxing with a good book or movie as they are passing around with friends at the park. Discreet and easy to use, a Vapor Brothers herb vaporizer is a must for the true connoisseur.

The VB11 Min Vaporizer by Vapor Brothers is a top quality portable vape for sale online at DopeBoo. Although it isn’t made for dry herb, it has perfected the art of vaporizing wax and concentrate. The titanium coils and wickless ceramic core assure you that your oil or wax is heated perfectly and delivered to you in a powerful hit of delicious vapor. The pen comes with a battery, a skillet/atomizer, a mouthpiece, a non-stick container, a dabbing tool, a USB adapter, and a carrying case. Weighing in at under a half a pound, this is a handy piece that you can easily carry anywhere.

No matter what sort of vaporizer, pipe, or bong you prefer, DopeBoo has the tool for you. If a stylish vaporizer is more up your alley, perhaps the Badwood G Pen Elite Herbal Vaporizer is for you. This incredible tool is much more than even simply a vape pen, it also functions as a compact mirror, a bottle opener, and more.

There are plenty of amazing new ways to enjoy your favorite herbs and concentrates, and DopeBoo is here to give you access to all of the latest and greatest technology to help you get the most out of your supply. We have pieces that you can easily take with you anywhere, as well as pieces that deliver big hits but look so much like a work of art that you might just want to keep them displayed on a shelf when they aren’t in use. Take a look at our massive selection of vapes and other pieces to find the right one for your needs.

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