Bongs Under $100

Bongs Under $100

Save your paycheck for your herb supply. We’ve put together an assortment of water pipes featuring the industry’s best at impressively low prices.

A cheap bong (we like to say inexpensive ...) drops costs without sacrificing quality by sticking to a minimalist shape, and typically comes in the form of a beaker base or straight tube design (compared to more intricate recyclers and scientific bongs). A great advantage of cheap bongs is they have far fewer pieces and crevices that need to be maintained while they're still made with thick glass that holds tough against breakage. Picking up a product from this collection is also an excellent consideration for those who already have their favorite percolated slide, and just want a simple yet solid water pipe -- remember to measure the joint width and angle first. It’s also easy to adjust the size of your draw by increasing or decreasing the length of the stem.

DankStop’s 12-Inch Beaker Base Bong is the tallest and most affordable in DopeBoo's online smoke shop. In addition to a large chamber, this beaker supports the downstem with a rubber grommet for even more protection. While many stand by the glass slide seal, those who tend to bang up a bong prefer the resilience of the plastic rings.

Our most complex piece of engineering under $100 is the impressive GRAV Beaker Bong with Inverted Restriction. Made from thick scientific glass, this beaker bong boasts a flared mouthpiece, ice-catcher, sleek straight silhouette, and fixed 45-degree downstem with the added water surface of a beaker base for further smoke filtration. It's an amazing and practical bong all-in-one!

We’ve even compiled a rainbow of indestructible Roll-Uh-Bowl Bongs that glow in the dark while also being dishwasher safe. These pieces utilize the flexibility of 100% Grade VI Silicone with “Eject-A-Bowl” engineering to create a hard-hitting masterpiece that also folds into the palm of your hand for unrivaled portability. For those on the go, this is the best bong for carrying inside beach bags, backpacks, and duffels.

This priced-right collection has a wide variety of colors. Many of our shoppers prefer to keep an eye on the cleanliness of their water with clear glass; others opt for unstoppable artwork as found on the Raked Glass Tiger Stripe Bong, and many vibrant folks enjoy the bold brights of a roll-up bong.

Scroll on down to find your perfectly-priced water pipe! Who knows, it could be your smoke-filtering soulmate that enables you to spend more money on your dry herb. Keep an eye out for extra fun features such as flared mouthpiece, rubber grommet, ice-catcher, intricate artistry, the thickness of glass, and the latest flexibility.

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