Boo's Picks

Boo's Picks

Boo's Picks is a showcase and celebrated selection of our favorite products across all brands and product types. Recommended by Boo, the top dog at the best online headshop, you won't go wrong with the smoothest and most powerful cloud makers in all shapes and sizes.

The Boo's Picks collection was designed to highlight the products we feel standout, and are worthy of your consideration. Inclusion does not always equal high prices or unknown brands. In fact, you can typically find cool bongs under $100, remarkable bubblers from GRAV (formerly known as Grav Labs), and gorgeous concentrate vape pens from KandyPens.

Bottomline is Boo's Picks is a curated collection of the best-of-the-best and top-of-the-class glass and vapes all easily browseable at the DopeBoo online headshop. Enjoy!!!

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