Herb Grinders

Herb Grinders

The most amazing water pipe, hand pipe, desktop or portable vape -- none is complete without a trusty herb grinder. An efficient grinder makes all the difference when it comes to getting the best experience with your herb.

With durable built-in chambers to separate your potent herbal material from your flowers, these grinders pulverize your dry herb for a smoother inhale regardless of your desired smoking device. Regardless of whether you prefer your legal herb to be ground to a fine powdery form or sliced to a soft fluff, the grinding process increases the surface area of your material so that heat absorbs evenly.

The Dank Tools 50mm 4-Piece Herb Grinder, for example, is a solid bet at under twenty dollars. Formed from durable CNC machined aluminum with separate chambers for your herb and pollen, this grinder comes in six different playful chromatic colors including: blue, green, red, chrome and black. The grinder’s solid diamond shaped teeth grate your flower smoothly while the fine mesh pollen screen is finely porous to allow fresh kieff to collect easily.

Another excellent grinder offered by Dopeboo is our featured three-piece Santa Cruz Shredder that is fantastic at fluffing legal dry herb. At 2 inches in diameter,  it’s made in the USA and composed of three parts: a strong magnetic top, a unique square-shaped tooth section to expertly cut your flower and a deep storage chamber with rounded corners. Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum and anodized in a protective coat, it's extremely durable and resistant to nicks and scratches. With a comfortable knurled grip that makes it easy to turn, rare earth magnets to secure the grinder in place and a 7-catch thread design for superior grinding, The Santa Cruz Shredder is famous for its ability to deliver a fluffy, almost feathery flower finish.

Of course, there's also the impressive Grav Labs 2.5’’ Grinder. With its unique built-inpolycarbonate viewing window, curved elongated blades that leave no bud uncut and a removable magnetized screen that can pop out easily, it's truly one of a kind. Made from high-quality aluminum, it’s composed of four compartments with a strong magnetic lid to encourage a solid grind. Available in four spunky colors: blue, green, purple or silver, it's easy to sight and hard to lose. For added convenience, the 2.5’’ grinder also comes with a metal pollen scoop to more efficiently transfer your finished material to your preferred smoking or vaporizing device.

Dopeboo’s online head shop offers some of the best grinders for dry herb at affordable prices. We understand that precision is everything when it comes to grinding your herb thoroughly so that your favorite strains taste authentically flavorful. That’s why every one of our grinders is backed by industry-leading brands that cleanly gets the job done. For a reliable grinder that significantly upgrades your vaping or smoking experience, browse Dopeboo’s online vape shop for the best grinders for dry herb.

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