Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

You've got the perfect pipe, paper, or vape and now it’s time to accessorize. The right smoking accessory can make all the difference when it comes to storing, prepping, or consuming your legal goodies. 

There are two essentials that anyone with dry herb should own to maximize their investment. The first is a basic herb grinder. We should warn you, though, once you switch to one of these devices you’ll never want to go back to breaking up flowers with your fingertips! Simply load the top chamber with enough herb for your pipe--or even enough to prepare for the next few loads!-- and spin the lid for meticulously cut herb. Grinding with this kind of precision prevents pipe clogs and loss of material to the floor or fingers.

Many grinders, such as our sturdyDankStop Aluminum Four-Piece Herb Grinder, even feature a pollen catcher which will save the herb’s finer material to be turned into a powerful new concentrate once enough has accumulated or else just sprinkled on top of a normal load for a whole new level of elevation. 

Herb grinders come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors sure to add a spark of personality to your tools. Here in our DopeBoo shop for smoking accessories, we have everything from a rainbow of four-piece grinders to an unstoppableDankStop Dank Star Grinder for the sci-fi smoke enthusiast (great for pairing with ourChameleon Glass Lightsaber Steamroller!).  

The second essential for all herb smokers is quality storage for your plant material. You’ve bottomed out your bank account to get that bulk price break--there’s no doubt it’ll all get smoked eventually--but how do you keep it as fresh as the day you bought it? Sealed storage away from direct sunlight. One example of a surefire container is acclaimed American glassmakers, Grav Labs’, signatureGravitron Glass Jar. A piece like this one offers a tight rubber-stopper seal, solid glass construction, and transparent walls so you’re not caught off guard when it’s time to re-up! A top-notch jar will prevent your herbs from drying out which creates a rougher inhale and makes for some difficulty in hand-rolling. Just like grinders, these come in an endless array of sizes and shapes for your personal preference.

There are tons of fun and useful accessories to play around with outside of the necessary essentials, as well. These can be used to add new features to your smoking devices, keep them clean and hard-hitting, or protect them in travel. The ways to personalize your collection are endless. 

You can browse our full selection of smoking accessories below! Pair it with a crisp newvaporizer,hand pipe,water pipe, or set ofrolling papers from our full collection sitewide.

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