Pipe Accessories

Pipe Accessories

Over the years bongs and water pipes have transformed into some of the most versatile smoking tools available. There are an endless supply of new and different pipe accessories, and DopeBoo has some of the most innovative products on the market today. The best pipes need the best accessories and the best accessories are right here!

There are so many bong accessories to choose from, so how do you? First, ask yourself what you will want to use this for? Is it a party? Then you might need a larger bowl. Do you prefer wax over herb? Then we recommend a glass or titanium nail and all the accessories that make this process clean and easy.

More of a traditional bong enthusiast? Hop onto one of our beaker base bongs. These bottom heavy towers are sure to stand strong and produce the beautiful bubbling noise we all know and love. The beautiful thing is, you do not need to settle on just one option because DopeBoo’s bongs come with interchangeable attachments so you can be ready for any smoking scenario!

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