Sale Items

Sale Items

Amazing deals! The only thing more exciting than splurging on a new portable vape, bubbler or bong is getting it on sale! DopeBoo’s colorful online headshop showcase of discounted products includes industry-leading brands like GRAV, Boo Glass, Davinci, Puffco & much more.

From DopeBoo’s stealthy, best vape pens, crafty hand pipes and high-tech water pipes to best-selling bongs and premium vaporizers, there’s a marked down product for every kind of herb connoisseur. Just browse our sale items to find a deal that’s right for you.

DopeBoo’s Cosmic Pipe, for example, is 33% off and features a deep-set bowl for superior dry herb packing. The hand blown pipe is detailed in an intricate whimsical galaxy design that’s dreamy and portable at just 4.5 inches in length. Crafted from thick glass for long-lasting durability, this hand pipe is sure to make a colorful addition to your collection. The contoured mouthpiece supports an even, comfortable draw for potent yet measured puffs.

The Beaker Bong by Jane West is another solid discounted piece that’s visually striking at 30% off. This sophisticated cobalt blue beaker is crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass with a 14.5mm female joint connected. It’s elegantly fluted beaker bottom is beautifully weighted to add heft while enhancing its natural water filtration process. Standing at a convenient ten inches high, it’s fixed downstem creates incredible diffusion for smooth, cloudy inhales. The Beaker bong is sturdy and can be passed back and forth with ease, making it one solid deal.

GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong is also a quality DopeBoo discounted product that's on sale for 15%. This USA made cheap bong is constructed of heavy borosilicate glass that is crystal clear, thick and stands a strong 13.5 inches high. With two chambers that utilize a vacuum effect, this waterfall bong effectively prevents any backflow of water from entering your mouth for worry-free inhales. Its large inner chamber can trap a high volume of smoke so that you can better conserve your supply of herb. To use it, first grind your favorite herb strain and pack your bowl. Then light your bowl and gently lift the bottle out of the water until it's almost completely filled with smoke. Next, remove the bowl and press your lips above the stem as you carefully push the bottle back down into the water while you inhale cool, freshly diffused smoke.

If you’re wondering where to buy vapes online at a discounted price, look no further! Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality when it comes to your new bong, pipe or vape because every one of our products is backed by reputable brands within the industry. DopeBoo’s Vaporizers and best DopeBoo bongs go on sale every week as new products continue to arrive, so take advantage of these remarkable discounted glass pieces.
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