The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen

If you’re a lover of e-liquids and wax concentrates and you’re in the market for a robust vape pen that’s powered by impressive atomizers, then DopeBoo’s selection of vape pens by The Kind Pen brand is made for you. This New Jersey-based company is known for crafting some of the best concentrate vaporizers in the industry. Their vape pens for wax and e-liquid concentrates offer healthy and affordable alternatives to smoking out of more conventional pipes and bongs that collect resin and other pollutants over time. The Kind Pen concentrate vaporizers offer the perfect balance between potency and portability with an unbeatable lifetime warranty on most vape pen models.

The Dream Vaporizer Pen by The Kind Pen, for example, is a reliable and high-performing vape pen that enhances your favorite wax concentrates. Available in an assortment of striking color combinations like gunmetal-black and gold, gold, pink and gold, rose gold, silver and white and gold, this powerful vape pen is built with a 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery and is designed slightly wider than your average pen for easy handling. With a simple to use flared mouthpiece and two different atomizer styles of coil-wrapped quartz rods as well as a ceramic plate, the Dream Vaporizer pen heats up quickly to deliver potently dense vapors with every inhale. Powered by a convenient touch sensor that’s located on the bottom, this modern vape pen works flawlessly. To use it, tap the bottom of the device five consecutive times to turn it on or off and three consecutive taps to change the temperature control setting to either 350, 390 or 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similarly, the Bullet Concentrate Vaporizer Kit by The Kind Pen also works wonderfully with wax concentrates and e-liquids, however, it's also compatible with dry herb strains. At four inches high, the Bullet Concentrate Vaporizer Kit is compact and highly portable and comes in a rainbow of colors. With an atomizer that’s expertly designed with dual quartz rods and titanium coils that sit inside a highly conductive ceramic heating chamber, this is one of the best portable vaporizers offered by this brand. Its screw-in style lithium-ion battery is easy to operate while its central power button can be turned on and off quickly in just five clicks. Most notably, this Bullet Concentrate Vaporizer Kit includes a highly secure atomizer chamber that allows you to reuse any wax concentrate, e-liquid or dry herb that doesn’t vaporize initially to ensure your favorite strains are used efficiently. Best of all, this kit includes a retractable USB charger and a packing tool to further enhance your vaping experience.

Overall, DopeBoo’s featured vape pens by The Kind Pen brand exemplify some of the most outstanding vaporizers for wax concentrates and e-liquid strains. These best wax vaporizers are manufactured from complex delivery systems that are comprised of powerful atomizers that yield intensely flavorful vapors with every puff. With an expansive collection of industry-leading devices, DopeBoo is the best online destination where you can buy vaporizers online.

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