Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz

Crafted from high-quality glass by one of the best bong brands in the industry, Famous Brandz offers exceptional bongs without the high markup price often associated with luxurious online head shops. From DopeBoo’s selection of glass water pipes and classic straight stem bongs to wide-set beaker base bongs and more innovative recycler bongs - there is something for every kind of bong enthusiast. Famous Brandz’s glass water pipes range from adorably petite at just 6 inches to magnificent bongs that are well over 15 inches. Known for their celebrity engraved designs, Famous Brandz features cultural icons like Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dog, Jay & Silent Bob, and the Trailer Park Boys on their timeless glass pieces.

Comprised of state-of-the-art high-tech materials, their straight stem bongs include thick borosilicate glass, sturdy pronged joints, reinforced downstems and perfectly engineered percolators that are built to perform. Their Snoop Mothership Water Pipe, for example, pulls cool detoxified smoke up through both a slitted UFO percolator as well as a perforated inline percolator for double the water filtration. With other swoon-worthy details like its thick circular base, fixed reinforced downstem, and 5mm thick blue glass marble on the body, it’s a stylish yet powerhouse bong that can go far with very little herb.

However, if you’re interested in beaker base water pipes or you’re looking for something simpler yet sophisticated, Famous Brandz’s Trailer Park Boys Kitty Love Water Pipe is a solid piece. Its elegant beaker base bong offers a deeper set bowl with a larger basin to hold much more water than your average straight stem bongs. Inspired by the science lab beaker, it’s wide base acts as an instant smoke filtration system that makes for a deep and savory inhale. And since beaker base bongs are quick to clean and difficult to knock over, it’s perfect for coffee tables and countertops.

Of all Famous Brandz’s unique glass pieces, recycler bongs make up some of their best bongs. Just as the name sounds, these bongs recycle your water and smoke through refined percolators and intricate chamber systems to smoothly shed toxins via a cleansing whirlpool loop. This intelligent design conveniently traps your excess smoke after each pull to prevent you from inhaling an unpleasant splashback of water. Famous Brandz’s Snoop Battleship Waterpipe even uses two tornado disc percolators and one honeycomb percolator for triple action water filtration inside a cylinder chamber to produce an undeniably silky inhale.

All in all, every one of Dopeboo’s selective pieces from Famous Brandz are designed to diffuse and cool your smoke for a smooth, full-flavored draw. Browse Famous Brandz’s bongs for sale or check out their more tech-savvy beaker and recycler bongs for superior filtration. Either way, these glass water pieces from Famous Brandz make up some of the coolest bongs imaginable.

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