Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Smoking pipes or vaporizers should be simple, relaxing and enjoyable, without any stress or hassle. Not many smoking or vaping connoisseurs want to waste time picking and hand shredding their herbs before packing into a water pipe, bong, vaporizer or another device. Grinders offer the perfect solution, letting you prep your herbs and flowers quickly and easily. DopeBoo wants to hook you up with all of the pieces and smoking accessories that you need, which is why you’ll find all of the dopest herb grinders right here in our online smoke shop. Trying to narrow down your selection? Check out Santa Cruz.

When looking at grinders, you want to find one that works well, looks cool and takes good care of your legal products. That’s why, when you look at the collection of DopeBoo grinders you’ll see Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has made sure that they’re shredding design isn’t made with sharp-edged teeth. You might think the sharper the teeth, the better the cut, but sharp teeth lead to burrs and tiny aluminum flakes breaking off and mixing into your smoking blend. This is unhealthy and toxic. Santa Cruz decided nope, we don’t want any of that, so they came up with teeth that are twice as strong and that hold up against dulling caused by heavy use. This way, you can keep your herbs and flowers fresh and pure. We can’t forget the grinders main purpose - to grind. While other grinders cut once, the teeth of Santa Cruz grinders cut in a bunch of different ways, fluffing your materials without crushing or smashing. 

Screwing the lid on your grinder can be a pain, especially when you can’t line the lid up and don’t have the patience to keep screwing and re-screwing. Santa Cruz has stepped in yet again, solving another problem with their 7-catch threading design. It’s super easy to screw the parts together, and even easier thanks to the knurled grip lid. Don’t worry about the lid falling off or losing its strength - Santa Cruz has equipped its products with triple-layer, rare earth magnets that won’t corrode or fall apart. This will keep your herbs fresh, keep them from drying out or spilling and holds odors at bay for discreet storage.

You’re prepping for your smoke or vape sesh and you’re ready to enjoy the flavor of your legal, dry herbs and flowers. You don’t want any extra dirt or dust in your blend, so the best grinder for flowers or herbs is the one with a great screen that filters. Santa Cruz uses screens made of woven stainless steel that won’t fray or chip, holding up to heavy use. They’re pulled super tight to filter out impurities efficiently, and they won’t ever pop, so your herbs aren’t going to go flying. You also know everything is clean and pure because all Santa Cruz parts and pieces are ultrasonically cleaned, meaning they’re cleaned and prepared just as medical instruments are. That means there are NO contaminants interfering with your perfect blend.

For a heavy-duty design, Santa Cruz grinders definitely don’t compromise style. At the DopeBoo smoke shop you’re going to find the best bongs and the best portable vapes, so why not make sure you have the best grinder, too? In fact, when the ever popular Phoenician line went out, we immediately recommended Phoenician fans to review this line. Check out the Santa Cruz Shredder - 3 Part Medium Grinder. Its sleek black design is completely scratch-resistant, so it will never lose its gleam. But, if you’re looking to make a statement, hop over to the Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 4 Piece Herb Grinder, available in silver, gold, black, gunmetal, orange, pink, purple, teal, red, rasta and tangerine. You better move fast, though, since these are so popular that they often earn a spot on the sold-out list. So what are you waiting for? Go find your perfect DopeBoo grinder now.

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