Dabbing On A Budget

July 06, 2018 2 min read

Dabbing On A Budget

Dabbing on budget

We hear you. When there's rent to be paid, food to be delivered, and charities to donate to -- that doesn't leave dabbing at top priority. That's okay! Dab tools don't need to break the bank to deliver at top shelf quality. So you can throw that extra savings into premium concentrates.

Wax Tools That Make
Concentrates Last Longer:

Vape Pen, $19.95

A slim vape pen is easy to use, on-demand vapor that gives you the precisely sized rip you like -- no more, no less. Just screw on a pre-filled cartridge and you're a click away from crisp clean clouds!

KandyPens slim makes an affordable carry-everywhere sidekick that recharges any time by USB.

Browse our full selection of Vape Pens.

Reclaim Catcher, $19.99

As hot wax melts into drippy oil, this device catches fallen concentrates in a neat little keck-clipped storage jar attached right to your favorite dab rig.

Browse our full selection of Reclaim Catchers or add this Boo Glass Male Reclaim Catcher to your collection now!

Banger Nail, $12.99 - $34.99

It's no surprise the bucket-shaped dab nail is a bestselling concentrate accessory. Aside from being super easy to maneuver with a dabber, the useful shape keeps hot oil from dropping down into your dab rig.

Best-Selling Dab Rigs Under $50:

All Quartz Nano Rig

All-Quartz Nano Rig, $35.99

Premium quartz construction means fresh, pure delivery from start to finish. The palm-sized piece is perfect for carrying from room to room with you. A matching quartz nail heats ultra fast, too!

Mini Inline Rig, $39.99

This dab rig boasts a splash of percolation power in a streamline design. Its bent neck makes for comfortable, natural feeling inhales as an easy to maneuver angle-cut dome transforms sticky extracts.

Mini Recycler Rig, $49.99

Recycler engineering sends concentrate vapor swirling through the small-sized rig again and again. This maximizes the cooling, soothing power you can get out of a petite dab rig. The recycler is paired with a diffused downstem for extra cleansing.

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Julia, a flower child hailing from Spain, discovered her love of fresh herbs years ago when she accidentally became head of product at a farm in Oregon.

She loves long walks on the beach, accordion music and of course spending time with her favorite Yocan Evolve D (only in blue though). She promises to not bias her blog posts towards vaporizers too much, but no guarantees.

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